Richard Armaro

Competitor # 258

2009 Ford F6

6 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

Hey guys I’m Richard and I own a 2009 Ford fpv fg f6 which is my pride and joy have owned it for a year and so far I’ve got it sitting nice and neat with coilovers all round bout 2 months ago got some work done to it with Monsta torque in Malaga with a stage 2 kit which involves injector tune pump valve springs turbo back exhaust and now pushing close to 500hp why enter race wars passion and love in cars that every step of the way I would like to turn my street car into a 1000hp f6 and I know it can be done :) few pictures below but hope to have a chance to get into racewars have been to every one but the first time I’ve entered hope u guys accept my f6 and see it in person thanks