Andrew Strickland

Competitor # 143

1980 Volvo 242GT

8 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

LOLVO - Just your average house brick really... bloody close to stock............................... um.. body.. with a few tweaks to the drive-line for a couple of extra ponies.. How many you ask ? A s**t tonne more than my driving abilities can keep up with... but that said and still suffering from post RW18 euphoria, I was delusional enough to apply to the "Chief Financial Officer" for some fun tickets and thus LOLVO is in the process of acquiring some tasteful "reliability" upgrades. So look out for a few more senseless ponies being available and maybe unleashed if i score a golden ticket (More HP fixes everything right ?!?). One thing “learnt” last year (yes there were other areas for wisdom but I’m a slow learner) was that although fun 245 wide butter cutters and 860whp equals to less traction than a 3 legged dog on a polished wood floor. So the guards will receive some "LOLVO themed" panel work and along with a shortened 9” the hope is to squeeze some wider jandals under the ol Swedish stallion. The diff ratio will also take a lil drop to 2.75:1 as a poor mans attempt at "traction control" and keeping most of the run on song at a 1:1 ratio in 3rd cog... with room to click 4th if the illusive 300kph is somehow within reach with the similar if not worse drag co-efficient of a barn door. Fun is still the main priority but with traction and more HP it would be great to pilot LOLVO into the 300 club... :D