Julian O'Hara

Competitor # 86


2006 Lotus Exige S

4 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

Keen as to drive the new toy down to Albany and have some fun. Can't be worse than the drive down in the old beast. Line me up on Sunday arvo and feel good about an easy win; I'm here to make you feel good after you've been getting smashed by mega HP skylines all weekend. Red mist comes down on Monday up the hillclimb however... Car is standard(ish). You don't know what you're looking at most likely, so you can play spot the tweaks. Motor is a standard issue hairdresser spec Celica jobbie. Yeah, nose bleed. It does however most likely rev higher than yours and has a very whiney supercharger (ear bleed). So there. Do you have the time to listen to me whine... It does weigh less than your car too, but fat lot of good that will do me at the deep end of 1000m into a headwind. Before you ask, the plates are a lie. As is most of the above, and indeed, my whole life...