Dwight Van Ballegooyen

Competitor # 919

2005 Lotus Exige

4 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

'minibumblebee' returns for round the mountain edition in 2019 (the fastest lotus with a sting is ready to go around some blacktop as well) , what it lacks in overall horsepower it makes up for with Lotus' mantra of 'adding lightness'...... although with RW evolving it has also evolved, exhaust is so light you will wish your exhaust was unobtainium (check out the size of it....efficiency101, earplugs optional) as it is well known that forged internals are 'lighter' than standard IN; ported/polished lighter IN; lower compression is less and lighter too IN; petrol is lighter, however corn is purer so IN it goes; smallest pulley you can get sir IN (wink, wink) that should save a couple of grams......... ...... so considering the last engine didn't like some of the attempts at lightness it had to go.... new one should be lighter all-round..wallet is now lighter as welll.. Lotus perfection is almost over..NOW over to 200MPH to set his game up ..(since he has also joined the powers of lightness)....... given the propensity for vehicles as light as this to float off dyno's! Tokyo Motorsport and their hub setup is the workshop of choice.......off to the home gym now for driver lightness training....... (Disclaimer: has been known to remove wing for ultimate lightness when racing in a straightline..... those without full undertray should NOT attempt this lightness manouver at RW19....... May be found lurking around 'limiter lane' on the way to 'send it street' , whilst waking up 'sleeper street' with a nod to 'ping parade' (been there once don't plan on visiting again)..... time to get its sprint gear on....