Peter Gray

Competitor # 2


1995 Nissan Skyline

6 cylinder


All-wheel drive

1995 Nissan R33 GTR 2nd place in Racewars 2018 800m 308kmh 1000m 324.94kmh Pete will be running a complete new engine combo JUN 2.8L 1 Piece Billet Crank JUN I Beam Drag Rods Gidgie Motorsport Cylinder Head Platinum Racing N1 Block Precision Turbo (a big one!) Holinger Baby!!!!! Nismo Pro Front and Rear Diffs Pro Shot Port Injected Nitrous Kit (Controlled by the driver, This means as much as he wants) Currently on order a bigger set of balls for the driver to SEND IT!!!! Goals for 2019 800m 320kph 1000m 340kph The car to stay in one piece at the end of the event.