Nathan Turrell

Competitor # 128


1971 BMW 2002

4 cylinder

Naturally Aspirated

Rear-wheel drive

Like the short term lease of a promotional Motul jacket to a freezing, wet, scared, emotional Racewars director, who's Mum wants nothing more than for him to be warm and dry, this car is a much bigger deal in my eyes than anyone else. Originally singled out as a full Methalaide D'elegance Concours build, This 2002 soon turned a tangerine shade of regret as it was shortly discovered it has always been 402 different shades of hangover piss yellow. With my 2017 Sprint efforts finally being recognized for that they were by being named the 2019 sprint cover girl, I knew I had to do something special to ward off the big budget cigarette backed Japanese invaders coming for my poster spot next year. I have commissioned a full Valerie Street race built motor, complete with full bridge port and 720 degree, 1600mm lift cam shafts and quad carbs from a 2018 Tesla Model X but most importantly topped off with a forged Porsche 944 radiator cap. Simply put, knowing whats gone into all 4 of my clyinders, all this should equate to being able to annihilate Winfields $240,000 monster.