Kyle Francis

Competitor # 253

Wrx club of wa

2000 Subaru WRX

4 cylinder


All-wheel drive

With the build commencing early june of 2018, the car was purchased with the intention of being a full track spec car, but still road registered and being the daily driver. The entire car has been built in the back shed and every component designed, manufactured and assembled by myself. Keeping a standard displacement ej20 block, we are untilizing W20C cases, closed decked, eagle rods, je pistons and rings. Heads are fully hand ported and CFM port matched with full BC solid head gear. Equipped with a GTX3076 0.64 for street events and a GTX3582 1.06 for track, we will be shooting for 450 and 600 whp with each turbo respecitvely. Coming from a small block chev speedway background, this is the first turbo 4cyl build we have attempted along with tuning of these as well. The car is currently 80% complete (End of decemeber) and racewars is looking to be the first major outing for the car. Looking forward to the event (AND beating the mighty AU)