Simon Fryer

Competitor # 133


1996 Honda Civic

4 cylinder

Naturally Aspirated

Front-wheel drive

Building a 1996 EK4 VTi-R to go up a hill mildly fast. A YouTuber, I'll be documenting the entire journey on my channel. Build breakdown; 1996 Honda Civic EK4 VTi-R B16A2, 270,000km... shortly getting a birthday with new seals, cambelt, etc Engine will be staying stock apart from possibly a fancy intake. From here, it gets interesting, with the build idea to showcase what a Civic chassis can do for not much to cash. Hardrace Front Camber arms Hardrace Rear Camber arms Hardrace Rear Lower Control Arms Hardrace Adjustable drop links Hardrace Tie Rod ends Hardrace Shifter Bushes OEM ARB's Currently undecided; Coilovers Brake rotor and pad upgrade - keeping OEM sizing Tyres That's essentially it. Simple, sweet, to the point. Inside I have a Recaro SR3, Personal steering wheel and that's about it for modifications. No weight reduction, full street car. Not expecting fast numbers, but here to have some fun, show that Civic's aren't just used to steal home entertainment, and document it on the channel.