Racewars Unsafety Car

Competitor # 888


1998 Ford AU Falcon Forte

6 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

What's there to say that hasn't already been said about our weapons grade example of Australia's finest family sedan. For those poor souls who aren't aware of the mechanical majesty that is our Unsafety Car we implore you to check out the Speedhunters feature article and stop being an uncultured philistine. http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/03/bad-life-decisions-racewars-au-falcon/ Like the automotive Jesus it clearly is our AU rose from it's untimely and brutal death and is ready to make miracles happen at #RW19. Under the code name of AUV2 our mysterious mechanical artisan was given $100 to find the finest million mile taxi motor off Gumtree and give the AU a much needed new heart. Now packing 480HP at it's drag radials and almost surviving a whole night of racing at The Perth Motorplex it's back bigger, better and stronger then ever. With the profoundly AUmazing double wing soon to be fitted make no mistake dishing chop is it's Forte and y'all have been warned! #stepyourgameup and line it up if you dare!