Goose Dardybourn

Competitor # 927

4th AveNATS

2010 Ferrari 599

12 cylinder

Naturally Aspirated

Rear-wheel drive

There's nothing quite like a Ferrari GT car. The passion, the history, the power and performance; it becomes something beyond a collection of beautifully crafted aluminum & composites . It's so much more than a fire and brimstone spitting tribute to tyre torture. The emotion and sensation as you turn the Manettino to #sendit mode and settle in to the sumptuous leather seats before all hell breaks loose is unparalleled. While I could wax lyrical and espouse the virtues of screaming big capacity N/A V12's with equal appetite for eviscerating tyre tread as they do for howling gloriously to the stratosphere all day; I think it's best I cut to the chase. This was an absurdly cheap V12 RWD skid sled with a hilariously foolhardy factory drive train warranty and made too much sense to pass up. Someone else had very kindly shredded the cash on it's new car depreciation so I could grab it for a song and spend my money on shredding tyres instead!