Denton Mann

Competitor # 30

AWOL Protouring

2017 Ford Mustang

8 cylinder

Naturally Aspirated

Rear-wheel drive

Pretty much a stock Mustang GT, trying to take some weight off the car and a little bit of aero. Fancy steering wheel and shifter knob with cool stickers on the outside, the vinyl is super thin to save weight. Other more meaningful mods include, Lund N-Gauge with tune, XPiggyCustoms burnout switch mod, Functional TrackSpec hood vents, 3" Borla Atak cat back, MGW shifter, GT350 replica front end, Front Coilovers with JRI internals by MikeMaierInc (MMI). Front sway bar also by MMI. Rear JRI shocks valved MMI. with rear weight jacker/ coil set up. harness bar by MMI with 4 point harness. Rear cradle stabilised with bushing inserts, alignment wins and spacers. QA1 carbon fibre driveshaft, Steeda strut tower bar. Running 3.55:1 rear end and will swap tyre sizes from 18" to 20" on the day with whatever works. Setting the car up for road course, staying with naturally aspirated until my driving skills catch up to the cars ability. All parts sourced through AWOL Protouring, and used and abused at ApocaLaps Autocross events. And functioning A/C:)