Tom Howard

Competitor # 35

AWOL Protouring

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

8 cylinder

Naturally Aspirated

Rear-wheel drive

Purchased the car sight unseen from the US over 5 years ago. It's a 69 Z28 tribute which was all about having an angry small block with manual transmission. My idea of the perfect camaro. It looks now pretty much as it did but performance wise I've been chipping away in the garage bit by bit. With any classic the handling was the biggest down fall so that's where I started. Frame connectors to stiffen the chassis, replaced the drum brakes on the rear and went bigger on the front. Sway and traction bars added, double adjustable shocks to make it customizable to what ever the conditions plus the benefit of some aggressive stance. After all this and more I finally grew frustrated with the stock 5L, and seeing as it wasn't a very good base for a new build I took the opportunity to build my first engine, hoping to do it right the first time with all the right parts as I doubt I'll get another chance. 9 months later which included overhauling the whole drivetrain and updating the fuel system and wiring to suit, again on my back with a floor jack and some stands. It is done and ready to race, almost... being self learning efi, new engine and clutch. I have plenty of reasons to get it on the road as much as possible before racewars but one way or another I'll see ya there.