Ben Kingston

Competitor # 43


1998 Toyota Supra

6 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

This is my 1998 Supra, last year i ran a 278 with only one pass in the 1000m. After my second pass on Saturday i ripped the teeth out of my diff so the car spent the night on the trailer while we went back the Perth to pick up a spare diff from one of our WTF shop cars (the bosses). We got back to Albany at 1am for a little sleep before Sunday morning were we had to change the diff over and do a 800m pass to qualify to be able to run the 1000m. This year rather than build the motor for 1000+hp like every other supra out there i decided to focus on setting the car up to go fast and run consistent 1/4 mile times. This year the car is running a new GTX 3584RS Gen 2 Turbo and a Titan Motorsports/WTF Auto T56 1000F Magnum 6 speed and putting the power through a Tilton Quad carbon on carbon clutch. The trans uses a strain gear knob that communicates with the Haltech elite 2500 for clutchless shifting in 1st to 4th gear (still a H pattern manual) this year i aim to push the stock bottom end motor to 850hp @ hubs to see how close we can get to the 300 club. after the 1000m race i will have a go at the hill climb for some fun.