WTFAuto Grannypants

Competitor # 53


1996 Toyota Camry Vienta

6 cylinder


Front-wheel drive

One of the most recognisable sights on Australian roads is the back end of a Toyota Camry. And we have made it our mission to ensure the mechanically challenged Racewars AU Falcon "unsafety car" enjoys the sight of the back end of THIS Toyota Camry all the way down the runway too! A genuine ex-Grandma vehicle of 19 years, it comes equipped with a host of non-standard accessories including tweed seat covers in the back, lambswool in the front, RAC roadside assistance and a full box of Coles tissues to wipe away the AU falcon's tears. And as you can see from the photos, we have some serious hardware ready to go in. Racking up a host of automotive achievements including: Making it all the way home Not boiling This vehicle is sure to be one to treat with respect. Anyone looking for an easy victory should probably walk the other way, because the Grannypants Toyota Camry by WTFauto is either going to be faster than you, or is going to hog your lane and block any and all overtake attempts.