Chris Carouso

Competitor # 54

Wyldcat Racing

2019 TBA TBA

12 cylinder

Naturally Aspirated

Rear-wheel drive

The latest addition to the Wyldcat Racing garage. The Viper is a Gen 4 ACR (American Club Racer). It had a brief history in Tarmac Rally, and was last raced in Targa West 2012 where it was crashed. After acquiring the car this year it has been fully restored and rebuilt by Chris Caruso, ready to race again. It is a brute of a machine with a 8.4 litre Naturally Aspirated V10. Although a little heavier than the Wyldcat Racing Corvette, it is more powerful. There has been much debate over the years which car is quicker, so we are bringing them both to Albany in March to find out once and for all. Wyldcat Racing is well and truly committed to the N/A class this year.