Kevin Page

Competitor # 199

1993 Toyota Supra

6 cylinder


Rear-wheel drive

First time entering Racewars with Ryan Sevelj, with the trusty Supra. Still a fair bit of work to be done (as you can see) but hope to hell we will get it done ready for next year. We started with an almost stock Supra this year and once Ryan made the decision to finally throw some cash at it he wasn't mucking around. We are (hopefully) running a stock bottom end, topped with some BC 272 cams, springs and retainers, had to throw in some new valve stem seals (olds ones weren't up to the job blowing a little smoke). Pumping the air in with a Borg Warner EFR9180 Twin scroll T4, Twin 38mm GFB gates on a beautifully built 6Boost manifold. Got some mad piping work to get the massive 4inch dump and twin screamers out the bottom, and who needs a full exhaust, diff dump where it's at (not too bad for a home job). Feeding the motor go go juice we have triple staged fuel pumps and 2000cc injectors. All controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. This Racewars we are really wanted to set the benchmark for ourselves and hope we have built this car right. Making it down the runway would be a good start but gotta go big, aiming as high as the car will let us. 16 Jan update, Car is coming along nicely almost ready for tuning. Got a few little issues to fix with the wiring, then ready for final assembly. New shoes aren't far away running some mean AR1's, cannot wait to drive this breast of a supra. Getting sooo close. See you all down there at racewars 2019.