Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Racewars 2019?

Racewars 2019 is held at Albany Regional Airport in The City of Albany, Western Australia. The City of Albany is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes south of Perth, Western Australia. An event guide with a map showing the city’s location, layout and with directions on how to reach Albany will be available for download prior to Racewars 2019 and will be included in competitor’s event kits.

Will food and drinks be available at the airstrip?

Yes. Attendee’s at Racewars 2019 will have access to several food & beverage providers at the event including the café inside the terminal building at Albany Regional Airport as well as local food van and produce stands in the spectator area. Please note that glass bottles and all form of alcoholic beverages are prohibited items airside at the airport and as such prohibited from being brought to the event or consumed at the event.

Can I attend the event if I am less than 18 years old?

Yes. Racewars is a family friendly event and we encourage people of all ages to attend.

What facilities are available in Albany?

Albany is a thriving regional centre focused on tourism with all the amenities you can wish for with major shopping centres and a diverse array of accommodation and after hours’ entertainment options all in close proximity to the event. Unlike previous years everything our attendees need is available in town so there’s no need to go to the hassle of bringing everything with them.

In a welcome development for Racewars 2019 entrants, Albany has both 98 Octane & United E85 available on pump for our competitors to utilize which will help reduce the amount of entrants needing to bring fuel with them to the event as well as auto part stores and service providers on hand to help our attendees across the weekend.

What camping or other accommodation options are available over the weekend?

Albany has a diverse array of accommodation options to cater for all tastes and all budgets with everything from basic campsites all the way through to luxury private residences available for Racewars attendees to enjoy over the weekend. Unlike previous years there is no official Racewars campsite so everyone is free to find something to suit their needs for the weekend. There’s certainly no shortage of quality family friendly options. Visit for everything you need to know about Albany and what accommodation options and extra-curricular activities are available for you, your family and friends.

Can I bring alcohol to Racewars 2019?

All forms of alcoholic beverages are prohibited items airside at the airport and as such prohibited from being brought to the event or consumed at the event.

Racewars has partnered with Wilson Brewing Company to bring patrons a premium Great Southern & Albany Proud licensed area for RW19. We’d like to invite all Racewars attendees to stop in for a quiet drink taking in a day of racing and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and great service.

Racewars also encourages all attendees to drink responsibly and under no circumstances get behind the wheel while they are under the influence.

How do I enter my car?

You need to complete and submit an online entry form which can be found here.

Can I enter my car on the day?

It is not possible to enter a vehicle on the day. All prospective entrants must ensure their entry is completed prior to the cut-off date.

Can I bring a support vehicle and/or trailer?

Your competitor entry includes admittance to the venue for one driver and one vehicle only. If you wish to bring a support vehicle and/or a trailer, please select the appropriate option during the online entry process.

What’s the deadline for submitting the entry form?

Entries close when the event sells out or at the end of the official vehicle inspection window (whichever comes first).

Does submitting a Platinum Club application guarantee me a place at Racewars 2019?

Yes. While we cannot guarantee all applicants will receive a Platinum Club entry all applicants are guaranteed a standard entry at Racewars 2019.

When will I know if my Platinum Club application has been accepted?

Successful Platinum Club entrants will receive notification via email on the 31st January 2019. Any unsuccessful applicant will also receive notification of their application status and will be contacted to complete a refund of any balance owed to the applicant.

Does submitting a Racewars Sprint application guarantee me a place at Racewars 2019?

No. Racewars and the Racewars Sprint are separate events and competitors must register for each event separately.

When will I know if my Racewars Sprint application has been accepted?

Successful Racewars Sprint entrants will receive notification via email on the 31st December 2018. Any unsuccessful applicant will also receive notification of their application status and will be contacted to complete a refund of any balance owed to the applicant.

Are motorbikes eligible to enter Racewars 2019?

No. We do not currently have provisions under our insurance policy to allow motorbikes to enter Racewars 2019.

Can I enter an unlicensed car?

Yes. Provided the vehicle is able to pass the pre-event scrutineering inspection, unlicensed vehicles are permitted to enter Racewars 2019. Classic, dedicated race vehicles or other vehicles which may not meet the late model street car based regulations may be eligible to enter as a demonstration class vehicle. If you’d like to enquire about a demonstration class entry please contact us.

Can I do a pre-run burnout?

Yes. Racewars entrants are able to run DOT approved drag radials (subject to complying with the event regulations) and utilize a tyre warming area will be available for entrants to pre heat their tyres prior to making a pass. It is absolutely vital that all competitors minimize unnecessary wheel spin where possible, and anyone caught deliberately doing a standstill burnout or causing damage to the airstrip faces exclusion from the remainder of the event and may be liable for the cost of repairing the strip.

Can I take passengers?

Yes. Passengers are permitted to ride along for ¼ mile and ½ mile passes subject to the passengers purchasing a passenger wristband, being suitably clothed, wearing an approved helmet and being seated in a seat compliant with the event regulations with a compliant seatbelt. Passenger runs are at Event Managements discretion. No passengers are permitted in any seat with a lap-only seatbelt or in any vehicle during the 1000m passes. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to go for passenger rides due to insurance limitations and photo ID must be presented to purchase a passenger wristband. There is no requirement for entrants to take passengers if they do not wish to.

Is there a minimum horsepower requirement to enter?

No. Provided the vehicle passes the pre-event scrutineering inspection we welcome all makes, models and types of vehicles to enter Racewars 2019 regardless of their performance level.

Can I enter without a valid driver's license?

If you don't hold a valid Western Australian driver’s license (or interstate equivalent) a suitable competition driver’s license may be accepted as a substitute. If you wish to use a competition license, you must contact us prior to entering.

Can I arrange a grudge match race with another competitor?

Yes. Competitors can arrange to line up against another competitor during the heads up racing sessions and we encourage competitors to head to the staging area together to minimise congestion in the staging areas. While our event staff in the staging lanes will try and assist entrants where possible to ensure the event flows smoothly we cannot guarantee that an entrant will be able to line up against their chosen opponent for any particular run.

How can I receive SMS updates of my times to my mobile phone?

All competitors are automatically registered to recieve these SMS updates. The timing system will use the telephone number that you enter on the online entry form. If you intend to use a different mobile number for the event weekend, please contact one of the event officials during the event and we will update your number.

What’s the advantage of pre-purchasing tickets online?

Pre-purchasing tickets helps to speed up the entry process at the gate for all attendees meaning less time waiting to get in to the event and more time enjoying the action trackside over the weekend. Please go here to purchase.

Will tickets still be available at the gate?

Yes, tickets will be on sale at the gate across the weekend.

Can I get into the competitor car park with my spectator ticket?

Yes, Racewars allows spectators to walk through the competitor car park and to give all attendees the opportunity to get a close up look at some of Australia’s fastest street cars.

Are there places where I’m NOT allowed to go?

Spectators are not permitted to enter the staging lanes, service area or enter any of the competition areas including the return road during the event. The Terminal building is a restricted access area with only the terminal lounge available to access over the weekend. Spectators are also not permitted to enter the private hanger area or service area. Security officers will be patrolling the area across the weekend.

The VIP Lounge will only be open to the privileged few with an access pass.

Does my spectator ticket allow me to go for passenger rides?

No. Spectators must purchase a passenger wrist band prior to being able to go for passenger rides. Passengers are required to be 18+ years of age and must comply with the requirements for passengers prior to being able to purchase a passenger wrist band. Competitors are not required to take passengers if they do not wish to and the purchase of a passenger wrist band does not guarantee you a ride in any of the competition vehicles.

Does my spectator ticket include accommodation / camping?

No. Competitors, spectators and other attendees are required to organize their own accommodation.

Does my spectator ticket include parking?

Yes. General public parking will be available and directions to the GA parking area will be sign posted. There is no extra parking charge at Racewars 2019.

Are there disabled facilities at the venue?

Yes there are disabled facilities available at Albany Regional Airport.

Is the event still on if it rains?

Yes. The event is on irrespective of the weather however severe weather may see racing suspended.

Do all media need to attend the media briefing?

Yes. The Media Briefing is compulsory. If you haven’t attended the Media Briefing you will not permitted to enter the competition area.

If I don’t have a media pass can I still photograph around the spectator area, competitor car park etc.?

Yes. Racewars lets you get up close and personal with the race cars and their crew. Normal, common sense rules apply; we are happy to let you capture as much of the weekends activities as you like provided don’t obstruct the movement of the cars, the crew’s or other spectators and remain in the approved general public areas.

I have an assistant that carries all my photo/video gear for me. Will they still need a media pass?

Yes, anyone entering the track or any areas closed to the public needs a Media Pass.

How do I apply for a media pass?

When media applications open you will need to complete and submit an online application form which can be found here.